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Decree of the President No. pp-5020 of March 5, 2021 “On measures to further improve the system of support for women and girls, ensure their active participation in society” was adopted.


The document established the creation of the Republican Council of Women. Its main tasks are:


widespread propaganda among students and staff of the content and significance of reforms to increase the socio-political activity of women, their support;

comprehensive support for women in obtaining education and professional skills, in finding a decent job, supporting their entrepreneurial activities, identifying talented students and channeling their abilities in the right way;

improving the effectiveness of work to ensure a healthy lifestyle for women;


The main tasks of the Women's Council are as follows:

payment of a primary housing contribution to women who find themselves in a difficult social situation, including persons with disabilities, raising disabled children, low-income people raising children in an incomplete family and in need of improved housing conditions;

promotion of activities related to the comprehensive support of women, maintaining their health, developing women's sports, improving working and study conditions;

comprehensive support for women's business initiatives;

assistance and assistance to women in acquiring knowledge and skills in professions that are in high demand in the labor market.


The institute has 7 faculties, each of them has a women's council of the faculty and deputy deans.

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